About Kyle


Kyle Imbertson (a.k.a. September is for Dreamers) is a composer in Saint Paul, Minnesota, whose works range from solo instruments to electro-acoustic chamber music to purely electronic algorithmic compositions. His music explores the beauty found in establishing rules only to break free at expressive moments. As English author and critic G. K. Chesterton wrote, "Rigidity that slightly yeilds, like Justice swayed by Pity, is all the beauty of earth." (Quoted here from Igor Stravinsky's Poetics of Music .) Recent compositions have been heavily influenced by Kyle Gann's theories of postminimalism and totalism in contemporary music.

Kyle Imbertson grew up in Minnesota in the countryside just outside Saint Paul. As a youth, he was fascinated by music and fervently studied every instrument he could find. Upon high school graduation, Kyle was accepted into New York University's music theory and composition program. He explored contemporary music for chamber ensembles, orchestra, dance, multimedia, and story-telling in the studio of Dr. Youngmi Ha. He also worked to expand his horizons into the world of computers and electronics. This includes an off-campus stint with the League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots (LEMURbots) in Brooklyn where he fabricated mechanical musical instruments.

Today, Kyle writes and tests software for a living, but continues to compose new music as often as he is able. While no longer a student of music in any official capacity, you will still find Kyle perpetually analyzing, listening to, and learning about new music.

Other interests

Kyle's other interests and hobbies include camping with his son, riding the bus, drinking too much coffee, and paying with exact change.