September is for Dreamers is the music of Kyle Imbertson: a musician, composer, and songwriter from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

To the best of his ability, Kyle tries to compose intellectually and emotionally stimulating music that remains approachable to a general audience.

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Oct. 27, 2017

The weather's turning cool (first snow of the season today), and most of us turn inward. Either physically inward to a cup of coffee or a warm blanket, or figuratively inward to a good book or period of self-reflection. It is times like these that I turn to noise and drone music. There is something raw and concrete about the genre that encompasses noise and drone that pulls at my chest through my ears. I am left in suspense waiting for the next swell or timbre change.

This is all to say I am working on some new music I would consider both noise and drone and hope to make available to you all within the month of November. It's not quite like meditations and it's definitely not what I posted earlier with my work-in-progress. While you eagerly await my new music, I encourage you to watch People Who Do Noise, a documentary about the noise music scene in Portland, Oregon. You should also spend some time listening to Yellow Swans, a now-disbanded experimental group also from Portland.

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Regarding Wildlife (excerpt)

Just an excerpt from an upcoming work entitled "Regarding Wildlife."